earmold Australia:
The company was founded 1988 with the current owners after being agents themselves since 1996 Aaron & Julie Dalle-Molle taking over in July 2011 represent EARinc USA with their range of Insta-mold custom fitted silicone earplugs and associated hearing healthcare products.

Ideal for a multitude of situations i.e. industrial work environment, Motorcyle riders, Motor sports, Security communications, Swimming, Surfing, Water sports, Sleeping, Relaxation, Medical etc, the silicone earplugs are made on the spot by us or any of our accredited agents. We have fitting technicians throughout Australia and New Zealand that will come to your home or place of business to manufacture the earplugs.

In Addition to the regular silicone earplugs we also carry a wide range of electronic plugs and connectors for radios in recreational, industry and security uses. Along with a great range of other hearing related products including Motorcycle communications. Other healthcare products include RingStop, HearAll and OptiAll