gps imports

GPS Imports:

GPS (Grand Prix Spares) Imports has been a dedicated importer of quality European spare parts since 1993. In that time GPS has adapted to meet the changing tastes of the scooter and motorcycle enthusiast across Australia.

GPS began as a classic and performance scooter parts supplier and quickly began to specialise in vintage spare parts for early model Lambretta and Vespa scooters.

In the 2000s, GPS used its European contacts to expand the range of spare parts and accessories on offer to include motorcycles and automatic scooters.

The team at GPS continues to channel their wide range of experience and knowledge into a dedicated parts business that keeps pace with current product trends and performance upgrades across a broad range of world leading motorcycle and scooter brands.

Our vast range of vintage and OEM parts are carefully selected with an emphasis on quality European suppliers ensuring top quality and customer satisfaction. Performance parts are chosen for their pedigree with many developed straight out of Grand Prix racing experience. As you can see from our logo we are proud to say that more than 90% of our products are sourced from Italian companies.

All of this means that GPS understands what you the customer wants to make the most of your riding investment