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Race Solutions Motorsport:

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is a professionaldynamic and diverse group of volunteers committed to delivering a quality service in the provision of Medical, Trackside, Safety and Incident Response services to all forms of motorsport. RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is unique as it offers the most comprehensive range of equipment and people necessary to run a safe and successful motorsport event.

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport was founded on the basis that there was a need within Australian motorsport to offer promoters the full range of services required to run a safe & successful event. One of the benefits of the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport package is the integration of medical services across all trackside activity. The result is faster medical response times from medical crews expertly trained and experienced in trauma and or intensive care to begin assessing and treating injured drivers, riders, pit crews, support staff and officials. RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport has proven this strategy to be successful at the Mt Panorama Circuit in December 2007 at Drive Bathurst. On this occasion a Porsche driver, seriously injured at Forest Elbow was attended to by 2 Emergency Department nurses on scene within 15 seconds, providing immediate critical airway treatment and medical care.

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is involved in the following forms of Motorsport over recent years by providing Medical, Trackside, Safety & Incident Response Services:


ž   Top Gear Live Festival (Melbourne): March 2011

ž   Australian Grand Prix Lexus Celebrity Challenge Driver Training: 2011

ž   Nissan GTR Launch & Corporate Client Days: 2009-2012

ž   Ferrari & Lamborghini Corporate Events: 2010-2012                       ž Porsche 911 Carrera Launch: 2012

ž   Lexus ct200 Launch: 2010, RX 450 Launch 2012                               ž Suzuki Swift Launch: 2012

ž   V8 Ute Sponsor Ride Days (Vic, NSW & Q’land): 2010-2012         ž Triumph Launch: 2011

ž   Renault Formula 1 Team Day: 2010                                                   ž Suzuki Swift Launch: 2012

ž   Ford Territory Launch: April 2011                                                      ž Ford Focus Launch: July 2011

ž   Toyota Hybrid Camry Launch (Melbourne & Sydney): 2010            ž BMW M Series Launch: 2011

ž   Australasian Schools Cycling Cup: 2008-2012                                     ž GM Engineering Testing:2011,2012



ž   Geelong Revival 2012

ž   Australian Tarmac Challenge (formerly The Dutton Rally): 2006 (NSW, Queensland & Victoria), 2007 (NSW, Victoria, Queensland), 2008 (NSW, Victoria, Western Australia), 2009 (Victoria, Western Australia, NSW – including World Rally Championship (WRC) Super Special Stage, Murwillumbah), 2010 (Victoria & NSW)

ž   Legends of the Lake Hillclimb, Mount Gambier SA: 2011,2012      ž Mt Baw Baw Sprint: 2012

ž   Victorian State Circuit Racing Series: 2008 – 2012

ž   Mt Buller Sprint : 2007 – 2009                                                             ž Lake Mountain Sprint: 2008- 2012

ž   Drive Bathurst (Mt Panorama): 2007,2008

ž   Maserati Club Drive Days: 2009- 2013                                 žImpreza WRX Club Sprint Days:2008-2011

ž   Grand Prix Rally (South Australia & Victoria): 2008                         ž George Derrick Memorial Rally: 2008,2009



ž   HMRAV Road Racing events: 2012                                                    žHonda Broadford Bike Bonanza:2012

ž   Shell Advance Gippsland Region Motocross Championships (Victoria)- 2009- 2012

ž   Motul Pirelli Australian Women’s Motocross Championship: 2010 – 2012

ž   Motorcycling Australia Moto-Rodeo Flood Relief Fundraiser 2011

ž   Australian Junior Motocross Championships:2009  ž Victorian Junior and Senior Motocross Titles: 2010, 2011

The people behind the success of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport

Members of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport have extensive experience in the provision of trackside and medical services at all levels and forms of motorsport.

One of the greatest strengths of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is the volunteer team members who are passionate about the sport and committed to making a valuable contribution to the improvement of services provided for the benefits of competitors at events.

In addition, team members with medical expertise bring along their current clinical knowledge and skills with experience in Trauma, Emergency or Intensive Care.


Specialised Medical Professionals

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport Medical Director:     Dr. Jack Spencer  MBBS,FACEM,MRACMA.

Jack is an Emergency & Trauma Consultant at The Alfred Hospital Emergency Department and Trauma Services.

Doctors in the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team include many Emergency & Trauma Consultants and Senior Emergency Registrars at major trauma centres including The Alfred Hospital in Victoria.

Nurses have current experience in Trauma / Emergency or Intensive Care at a number of major trauma Centres. Most nurses are Critical Care Nurses with post graduate qualifications in trauma, intensive care and emergency medicine. Some hold additional responsibilities as Nurse Unit Manager or Assistant Nurse Unit Manager at major Trauma Hospitals in cities and regional rural areas.

Paramedics in the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team come from many city & regional areas. A number hold current advanced life saving qualifications (MICA).

All team members from RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport participate in a comprehensive internal training program including safe helmet and HANS/Leatt head and neck restraint removal as well as removal of chest and body armour, boots, patient extrication and trackside safety. Monthly team and training nights ensure competence with the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport medical equipment and a team approach to patient care, particularly at the scene of an incident.

Specialised Motorsport Expertise

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport Management Team

James Taylor. James is one of the founders of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport. He has been involved in Motorsport Emergency Response teams and senior appointments in this area for the past 19 years. James has been the Emergency Controller at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix for the past 15 years. He was recently appointed as the Emergency Coordinator for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix. James has also been the Emergency Coordinator at the A1 Grand Prix and the Bathurst International Motor Festival (12 hour). He has further international event experience as the Medical Controller at both World Superbike and Moto GP events at Phillip Island. James is currently the Clerk of the Course for the Phillip Island and Sandown V8 Supercar rounds and Shannons National Series. Previously James has held Clerk of the Course positions for Australian Tarmac Challenge National Series, V8 Development Series, Procar and Shannons National series at Phillip Island, Sandown and Winton Motor Raceway, Mt Buller Sprint and Drive Bathurst. In 2010 James was appointed the Race Director for the Australian V8 Utes series and he continues in this role in 2013.

Belinda Taylor Belinda is one of the founders of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport. She has been involved in Motorsport Emergency Response teams for the past 12 years and trackside Motorsport officialing for the past 21 years. She has extensive experience in event management and planning of medical and motorsport teams for events including Drive Bathurst, Dutton Rally, Australian Tarmac Challenge, A1 Grand Prix, Mt Buller Sprint, Grand Prix Rally, Australian Junior Motocross Championship & The Australian Womens Motocross Championships. Belinda has wide-ranging trackside skills in roles including Chief of Communications at Shannons National Series & V8 Supercars at Sandown Raceway as well as Bathurst Motor Festival. She is the Starter for state and national events at Phillip Island including V8 Supercars and Assistant Starter at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. Belinda is currently a member of the Women & Motorsport committee (WAMS) and in 2013 is Australia’s representative to the FIA’s Women and Motor Sport Commission.

Martin Doxey. Martin is one of the founders of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport. He has been involved in Motorsport Emergency Response teams, race car driving and training for 16 years. Martin has been a Senior Trainer for Murcotts Driving Excellence and Martin Doxey Racing for over 6 years, specialising in the areas of driver training, risk assessment, instruction, safety and compliance documentation and event risk management. Martin regularly oversees the operations for high performance drive days and corporate launches such as Vodafone 888 Racing, Mitsubishi, Hummer, Honda Australia, Nissan Australia, Renault Australia and Toyota launches. Martin has been a senior First Intervention Vehicle (FIV) driver and Incident Response Team leader, Emergency Service Coordinator and Incident Controller for many motorsport events including the A1 Grand Prix, Dutton Rally National Series, Australian Tarmac Challenge, Grand Prix Rally, Rally of Canberra, Moto GP & World Superbikes.  He has worked Medical, Fire, Rescue and Safety Teams at circuits all around Australia. Martin has attended numerous MotoX events in the role of Incident Coordinator at Regional, State & National level since 2009. He has comprehensive experience in event management with key roles including the Clerk of the Course for Lake Mountain Sprint and Mt Baw Baw Sprint. During 2011 & 2012 Martin was the Manager of the Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex.

Dr. Jack Spencer. Jack is the Medical Director of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport. He is a Senior Emergency Consultant Physician at the Alfred Hospital Emergency Department and Trauma Centre in Melbourne. Jack has been the Emergency Consultant Physician attending the Medical Centre at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix for the past 8 years. He is the Doctor in Charge of the Medical Centre at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Jack has extensive experience at Motorsport events including the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, A1 Grand Prix, Drive Bathurst at Mt Panorama and International Motorcycle events including MotoGP.

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team members with motorsport  expertise bring current skills and experience in the areas of Incident Response, Flagging, Scrutineering, Fire & Rescue,